Wild symbol is found in almost every slot machine NDB casino Australia. As a rule, it has one function - to convert to that picture, which is demanded for the formation of a winning set.

It can also form combinations that have a high value. However, this is the case if the symbol can fall on all the reels. When the developer made so that the "wild" image appears in several columns (2-4; 1, 3, 5, etc.), combinations with a special picture can not form. In addition to these functions the symbol can have many others.

Multipliers and stacked Wild

In many of the presented in the remarkable casino NDB machines the main function of this symbol is supplemented by the ability to increase the value of the created combination. In other words, when Wild helps in the formation of a winning set, it increases the amount won a certain number of times. More often than not, the winnings are doubled. Also, many models use a multiplier of x3.

A stacked wild symbol is a picture that is a strip formed from two or more instances. In some cases it can cover a part of the column, and in some cases it can completely occupy its entire height. Of course, this increases the chances of forming a combination.

Such a Wild can appear both in the main spins (then the machine is somewhat deprived of other options), and in free runs (most often).

Symbol that can expand

This Wild is a single, that is, it takes one position, like all other symbols. However, he is able to expand up, down and sideways for a certain number of places. Often this expansion occurs when a certain condition is met. In many cases, it is used in the prize spins. Of course, after the expansion, the basic functions of the symbol are performed.

Wild, which is fixed in position

It mostly appears in bonus spins. Once it appears, it is "accreted" to the position and remains there until the end of the prize round.