These products and services are made to deliver added value to the customer. They are the merger of several ICT technologies aimed at improving the performace of our customers’ business to be more easily, effectively, and efficiently managed.

Blitz is a dedicated point to point high-speed internet service, which lets customers specify a fixed ratio (fixed bandwidth) between the domestic access to the international access. With this, each access capacity (between domestic or international badwidth) cannot affect each other.

As the opposite of Blitz, Mixture offers a domestic and international badwidth capacity that is able to adjust automatically accirdubg ti usage/needs, under the total bandwidth limits specified.

It is a more economical Broadband Internet Service, where customers can still access the Internet at high speeds of up to 100Mbps at an affordable cost.

It is a Broadband Internet Service that works via satellite so it can reach areas with limited access to the Internet. With this high-speed connection via satellite, customers can still use the Internet even in remote areas, which is very suitable for companies located away from cities such as those in agriculture, mining, etc.