PT. Jala Lintas Media offers a business solution called BLITZ service. This service very suitable for the customers who will need a 24 hours internet access with very flexibility rules.

Blitz has some features such as Internet International Access, Indonesia Internet Exchange (IIX) & OIXP Internet Domestic Peering, where can be adjustable and created separately following on customer bandwidth scheme request. In another way customer also may getting an internet access separately between International & Domestic Peering IIX & OIXP, CIR for this type is 1:1. With JLM you can also have an access to Facebook, Yahoo, Google and another international content faster and more reliable since its deliver trough JLM Domestic Peering Network.

When customer using JLM, the usage of your international access’s bandwidth will be automatically reduced. In the other hand the Domestic Peering bandwidth can be more adjusted following your needs. This service can be delivered using Fiber Optics and or Wireless Radio.

BLITZ offers some benefits such as:

  • Routing Protocol: Dynamic (BGP ver. 4) full route and you can get Full Internet Routing Table where you can register an IP Address that previously have been registered under JLM’s AS (Autonomous System) Number or copy JLM’s ASN for those who doesn’t have an IP Address or ASN yet.
  • 1 Public IP Address.
  • Free 1GB Web Hosting.
  • Multi Router Traffic Grapier (MRTG) so you can monitor the usage of bandwidth real time.
  • Services Level Agreement (SLA) 99,5%.

BLITZ Requirements:

  • LAN (Local Area Network)
  • Gateway (Router or Proxy/Firewall -Rented by JLM)
  • Adjustable Interface using local link media such as Ethernet or Optical.