JLM-IX (JIX) is an Open and Neutral Internet exchange that offers Internet peering services to companies that aim to provide fast and cost-effective Internet services to their end-users or business customers. These companies include Global and Domestic Carrier, Internet Service Provider, Content and Social Media, Video Streaming, Cloud, CDN, Gaming providers and among many others.

JIX offers some benefits such as:

  • Reduces operating costs as there is no need to establish multiple links to exchange traffic amongst themselves.
  • Enhances their delivery of the broadband services by reducing latency.
  • Extensive global connectivity.
  • Effective exchange of international traffic.
  • Enables content to reach out to local and regional users efficiently.
  • Services Level Agreement (SLA) 99,5%.

JIX Requirements:

  • Customers of JIX service are required to obtain an AS (Autonomous System) number and to have a network supporting connection by BGP4 ISP routing control protocol.
  • Customers of JIX service also have to subcribe with JLM IP Transit service as the primary product.

JIX Member List:

Name ASN Web IP Address
PT. Mayatama Solusindo 131769 http://mayatama.net

PT. Ardh Global Indonesia 45731 http://www.ardhglobal.com

PT. Usaha Adisanggoro 55701 http://www.as.net.id

PT. Rama Wima Nusantara 64029 http://ramawima.net
PT Graha Anugrah Sejahtera



PT Artha Media Lintas Nusa



PT Transdata Sejahtera



PT. Kings Network Indonesia