PT.Jala Lintas Media offers busines solution called Netsat Service, which used Vsat media so it can reach every inch of Indonesian Territory. JLM serves Ku-Band and C-Band Netsat services.


A Telecommunication service with SCPC (Single Channel Per-Carrier) technology using Point-to-Point topology and can also use Point-to-Multipoint topology with transfer speed rate up to 40 Mbps. Also act as a Private Dedicated Bandwidth Service for data, sound or video application and can be used your own device. VSAT – SCPC offers dedicated bandwidth for those who needs continuous communication with great bits to areas that outside the reach of the network. This service also provided Data, Video and Image Communication Service.

A Telecommunication service using satellite with Time Division Multiplex (TDM), Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) or Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA), based on standard Internet Protocol (IP). VSAT – IP is suitable for an online service between coorporate branch, hotel/ticket bookings, ATM, light traffic, payment point, inventory/logistic control, email, transfer file settings, etc.