Deploying a social Wi-Fi helps any type of business, boosting its social reach and increasing the social engagement. Social Wi-Fi is a high-ROI investment, because the expenses to deploy a Wi-Fi network and maintain it are much lower than the advertising fees to gain new followers or fans on social media. By deploying Social Wi-Fi, you give to your customer many useful information. Your service is extremely helpful for companies that want to optimize their marketing and sales effort.

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6 Short Steps Towards Your
Social Wi-Fi Services
  • 1. Discussion

    Tell us your business needs, and we’ll find the perfect solution

  • 2. Planning

    Decide the ICT needs of your company

  • 3. Calculation

    Let our experts calculate the best price the ICT needs of your business

  • 4. Working

    Let our experts do the network design and configuration, deployment of network servers and PCs, cabling and wiring engineering.

  • 5. Live

    Your ICT needs of your company should be run immediately.

  • 6. Monitoring

    We’ll take the rest while your business is running and growing.


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