Privacy and Policy
(a) When you log in to a Hotspot on the Network for the first time, a cookie or similar technology will be placed and/or used to identify your device and connect it to your Social Media account.
(b) Each time your device connects to a Hotspot, we will collect and store information about your connection, including the location of the Hotspot, the identity of the Partner, and the amount of network traffic consumed from the Partner and/or third parties who the Partner works with to provide the Wi-Fi Service. If you have connected to the Wi-Fi Service using the Automatic Connection Option, we will collect and store this information every time your device connects to the Wi-Fi Service via any available Hotspot in the area you are in.
(c) JLM Social WiFi will use the information described above to provide Partners, advertisers, or other third parties with aggregate or de-identified information about your use of Hotspots, the Wi-Fi Service, and/or the Network. For example, JLM Social WiFi will provide the Partner with information about the number of people who visit a particular Hotspot location, as well as the frequency and duration of those visits. JLM Social WiFi will also share aggregate or de-identified demographic insights about those visitors. JLM Social WiFi will not share any information that personally identifies you, such as your name, email address or phone number.